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**UPDATE** Attention Alamo Apartments Residents

Priceless by Joshua in Alamogordo, Jan 10
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I have some information for those interested in the warning contained in this ad. You can Google sypmtoms of mold exposure. Try entering "symptoms of black mold exposure" into the search engine. Or try this link: (You may need to cut and paste) Also, here is the number for the Department of Epidemiology in Santa Fe. 5058270006. You can call them and express concerns about the mold you may have in your apartment. I contacted the EPA here in Alamogordo and this is the number they said to call. He also said they may be able to refer to a local agency, but I have been unable to make a call myself at this time, so cannot be sure. In any case, if you are concerned about your health and that of your family, I urge you to make some calls yourself and file your own complaints. The more of us who raise an issue the more likely we will get the necessary attention to warrant an investigation. One last thing, Alamo management may be telling those of you complaining that this ad was written by an employee they fired. That is absolutely untrue. I quit with no notice because I refused to work for such poor management and I no longer wished to help them put band aids on things that needed a real fix. Dont let them talk you out of finding the truth. Take care and look for future updates!
The buildings these apartments are in have been around since the 70s. As with any structure that old, they have suffered roof leaks, plumbing problems, and other issues that occur with age. It is the water issues that can be dangerous, though. When problems go unnoticed and unaddressed, wet spots begin to grow mold. It is known that black mold is hazardous to your health, and I have personally witnessed the presence of this mold in many of the units in this complex. On some occasions I was given chemicals to treat the mold, but not all. It continues to grow in the units. If you smell strange odors that you cannot identify, it is possible that your walls may have mold in them. This is particulary true in the bathroom areas of the units. Look for discoloration in the paint and trim around your tub and toilet. If the smells are stronger in the bathroom then you may have mold. There are test kits available that allow you to test the air in your living space for the presence of mold. Look up "mold test kit" on Amazon and you will find several to choose from. If you live in these apartments I strongly suggest you take the time to find out if you are living with mold. Its your health on the line here. You may even be able to end your lease if your unit is infested with mold. This post is to warn you all of the danger, so share this information with your neighbors. The management there is not interested in your welfare, just your money. They are aware of the problem and only do the minimum to fix it while doing the maximum to hide it. But dont worry, besides posting this warning I will also be contacting other agencies in Alamogordo to ensure that a proper investigation of this matter is conducted, as I myself feel that my exposure to the mold in these buildings over the past four months has made me sick. Feel free to message me with any information or thoughts you have in regards to this, and please, for your safety, inspect your unit!

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